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  • Career counselling and development

    Evaluate your strength and interest areas

    Tutelage assessment test helps you to evaluate your strength and recommends top 3 courses from hundreds of options to find perfect career domains for you.

    Identify strength & weaknesses

    Understand the pros & cons of the career with the support of top counsellors and plan the next necessary steps.

    Personalised career counselling and guidance

    Explore more career options with One- to-one counselling sessions with top experts.

  • Tutelage admission and guidance

    Best colleges

    Explore and choose the best colleges of your choice.

    Smooth admission process

    End-to-End smooth admission and selection support for hassle free admission process. (Application to Fee Receipt collection)

    Pre and Post admission support

    Get brief about the college, campus life, travel, reporting date, hostel booking, fee submission, uniform etc. and also get tutelage assistance till you complete your studies.

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    Job and internship assistance

    Tutelage assists you to search for internships and job opportunities after the completion of your course.

    Education loan support

    We assist you to get an Education loan from a public and private bank of India.

    Tutelage trust

    All you get with India’s most trusted & awarded career counselling company.

  • Internship and Job Assistance

    Resume building and mock interviews

    We help you make impressive resume to get noticed by the recruiters and hired fresher.

    1:1 session with experts

    HR Managers & Recruitment Experts prepare you for the interview.

    Corporate communication training

    Soft skills training to help you to enhance your communication skills.

    Job and internship lineups

    Our expert team helps you to schedule interviews with the companies for a great career ahead.