How Cashback works?

  • 1

    Select colleges

    Select your desired college


    Submit form and pay application fee

    Fill the easy application form and pay the application fee

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    Cashback and scholarship

    Receive 100% cash back and Assured scholarship coupon


    College receives form

    College receives and reviews your form. You get instant update as soon as college reviews the form

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    Get admission alert and complete admission process

    College send the admission information. GD/Pl. important date etc. directlty to you. Complete hassle free admission process online and receive admission letter from the college


    Pay admission fee directly to the colleges

    Pay the admission fee directly to the college through online transfer/cheque/draft etc. College send the fee receipt directly to you

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    Redeem scholarship & cash back coupon

    Reedem scholarship coupon and receive amount directly in your bank account

* To be eligible for scholarship the student must fulfil all the admission requirements and criteria, including fees payment & registration directly to the college through Tutelage