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Presidency Group of Institutions (PGI), along with the University, constitutes 7 Schools and a College. While the college offers programs to students at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels in information technology, commerce, management, and journalism, the schools offer National and International Boards of Studies. Presidency College, located in Bengaluru, has been re-accredited by NAAC with ‘A+’. The postgraduate MBA program at Presidency College is approved by the AICTE, Delhi. Within a short span of three decades, PGI has created a niche for itself as one of the top-notch institutions in Bengaluru. Presidency University’s vision is to be a world-class University. We believe in nurturing talent amongst all those who enter our portals. Through this close nurturing of talent and skills in each individual, we aim to transform students to become successful professionals and responsible citizens. We accomplish all these through excellence in teaching, best in pedagogy borrowed from the world, an efficient research and study cell, and service and community development in focus. Our commitment is towards shaping the lives of students through scholarly exposure, pedagogy, and learning, and that which contributes to making the youth future-ready for the world at large.


Why Us?

  • 40+ Years

    of Academic Wisdom

  • 14000+


  • 500 +


  • 67+ Acres


Our Courses

Post Graduate

Under Graduate

  • MBA Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • M.Tech CSE (Data Science)

  • M.Tech (VLSI Design And Embedded Systems)

  • MBA Business Analytics

  • MBA Dual Specialization

  • M.Tech Artificial Intelligence

  • MBA Digital Marketing

  • M.Tech Product Design & Development

  • LL.M Intellectual Property Rights

  • LL.M Technology Law

  • MBA E-Business Management

  • M.Tech Building & Construction Technology

  • BBA

  • B.Tech Computer Science and Engineering

  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering

  • B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering

  • B.Tech Civil Engineering

  • B.Tech Petroleum engineering

  • BBA Business Analytics

  • BBA Digital Marketing

  • BBA Aviation Management

  • B.Des Product Design

  • B.Des Fashion Design

  • B.A LL. B (Hons.)

  •  B.Com LL.B. (Hons.)

  • B.Tech Civil Engineering (Infrastructure Development)

  • B.Tech Electronics and Communication Engineering (VLSI Design and Embedded Systems)

  • B.Tech Mechanical Engineering (Additive Manufacturing)

  • B.Des Interior and Retail Space Design

  • B.Tech Civil Engineering (Smart Cities)

  • B.Tech Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Power & Energy Systems)

  • B.Tech Electrical & Electronics Engineering (Automotive Electronics)

  • B.Tech Mechanical (Mechatronics)

  • B.Tech Information Science and Technology(Spl. in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science)

  • B.Tech Information Science and Engineering(Spl. in Artificial Intelligence & Robotics)

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (Cyber Security)

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering with specialization in Big Data

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering with Specialization In Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

  • B.Des Game Design

  • B.A Journalism and Mass Communication

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (Data Science)

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Technology with Specialization In Data Science & Artificial Intelligence

  • B.Des Communication Design

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Robotics)

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (IoT and Blockchain)

  • B.Sc Economics

  • BCA (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality)

  • BCA Gaming & Graphics

  • B.Sc Data Science Computer Science , Statistics Mathematics

  • BBA E-Commerce & Supply Chain Management

  • BBA Financial Technology

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Engineering (Devops)

  • B.Tech Computer Science & Technology with Specialization in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

  • B.Tech Electronics & Communication Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Wearable Technology)

  • B.Com Professional with Spl. in Banking and Finance

  • B.Com Professional with Spl. in Corporate Accounting and Taxation

Our Placement

Congratulations to all the students of passing out batch

JL Nagaajay

JL Nagaajay

C Pavan Reddy

C Pavan Reddy